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Redhill Platform 'Zero'

The purpose of the Redhill Platform Development project was to deliver a set of complimentary enhancements that, together, will allow the splitting/joining of Trains at Redhill Station and provide additional operational resilience to facilitate the post Thameslink KO2 timetable.

In order to improve flexibility and increase train capacity an additional platform has been constructed which allow parallel train movement into Redhill station. Increased operational flexibility is achieved by remodelling of S&C at both ends of Redhill station and providing a separate DC circuit feed from Holmethorpe and Redhill ‘A’ Substation to feed the Up Loop and Platform No. 1 electrical sections, with Reigate feeder hut being reconfigured to feed the Up and Down Reading lines only.


RPS were nominated by Bam/nuttall and RJ Power to undertake the concept and detailed HV Feeder, ETE and new Holmethorpe DC module design, which involved various stages of Civil and Permanent Way staged construction works being undertaken to divert F3003 and its associated pilot cable.

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