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Circuit Main Shorting Device

RPS have been nominated by McNicholas to undertake the concept and detailed civil and electrical design for 19No. CMSD locations associated with the ‘Safer Isolations’ project on the Wessex route.


The purpose of this project is to provide faster, secure and safe isolations to the D.C. traction power system utilising existing switchgear with both local and remote control facilities which creates a safer process and significantly reduces the need for operatives to access the rail infrastructure to apply short-circuiting straps for  isolations of the DC electrification system.


RPS undertook a comprehensive survey to identify the existing electrical and civil arrangements to ensure the proposed optimum design complied with NR technical requirements and met the clients requirements for constructability.


Throughout the design process the health, safety and environmental implications of the recoveries, construction, and maintenance have been considered. The proposed design has been developed to minimise these implications.

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