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Maintenance and Stabling Facility Mersey Rail

Brand new, state-of-the-art trains, will be running on the Merseyrail network by the end of 2020.​


The new trains will be safer, ease in which everyone can get on and off. Faster, cutting journey times by 10 per cent. Passenger numbers increased by 60 per cent, while retaining the same number of seats.

The works undertaken by Rail Power Solutions in this multi-disciplinary design project for the new maintenance facilities, train stabling and cleaning facilities at Kirkdale and Birkenhead depots consist of –


  • Stabling load assessments;

  • Re-sectionalisation of depot to include revised electrical sections;

  • Gapping assessment;

  • Interface of Depot Protection System;

  • Hook switch and Conductor rail design:

  • New UFC and Depot train wash facility;

  • Negative bonding switches for traction negative return/Depot earth interface;

  • Negative bonding design;

  • Staged Isolation amendments.

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