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Horsham Field Siding Electrification

The Horsham Fields Sidings is part of the Thameslink Programme, a £6.5bn government sponsored project that includes the transformation of north-south travel through central London.

Working as part of a multidisciplinary team for Carillion, Rail Power Solutions provided the electrical designs for the construction of 6No. new stabling sidings as part of the Thameslink Programme.

The RPS scope included –


  • Extension of DC busbar and provision of 2No. new DC Circuit breakers to feed the new sidings; 

  • DC protection settings; 

  • Stabling load assessments;

  • Gapping assessment;

  • Depot Isolation instructions;

  • Hook switch and Conductor rail design:

  • Negative bonding design;

  • Staged CTD amendments.

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