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Depot Isolation Procedures

RPS have been nominated by Govia Thameslink Railway and South West Railways to Prepare, Review and Undertake Depot isolation procedures for various sites.  The works involve preparing new instructions and amending existing to suit the user interface and/or result of electrical feeding arrangements within the depot or stabling location.


Isolation instructions are a safety critical document and require thorough understanding of the DC Electrification system.  The ability for personnel to work safely within a depot due to maintenance and for the depot to function correctly under electrical DC feeding constraints is paramount. 


RPS staff has extensive knowledge on DC Electrification systems that helps to produce safe and compliant documentation.  RPS work closely with depot and Electrical Control Room personnel to ensure the optimum solution is developed.


Works have been undertaken for –


  • Horsham Field Sidings;

  • Battersea - Stewarts Lane Depot;

  • Strawberry Hill Depot;

  • Streatham Hill Depot;

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